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e-waste recycling



Today we all have a responsibility whether being a corporate company or individual. Everyone has a responsibility to help the environment and reduce unnecessary e-waste. With approximately 50 Million Tonnes of e-waste currently being produced annually and at its current growth rate we will be producing 150 Million Tonnes by 2050.

At ICC we offer operators of obsolete equipment the option to maintain their equipment by recommending replacement remanufactured parts or repair services. Nearly all electronics can be repaired, or remanufactured replacement parts supplied. Operators are put under pressure by manufacturers obsoleting equipment in order to push newer technology leaving no options for the users. In many cases current control systems whether DCS or PLC’s that are installed, function perfectly but for the fact the OEM stops supporting can bring a problem to the plant. ICC is setup to support such systems abandoned by the OEM

Operators have the responsibility themselves to carefully consider having their equipment repaired or find replacement parts before they decide to discard and throw away their control systems to upgrade
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The Cost of Electronics

computer screen and keyboard

Producing a computer along with its monitor takes at least 1.5 tons of water, 48 pounds of chemicals, and 530 pounds of fossil fuels.

waste recycle

The excessive amount of lead in e-waste, if released into the environment, could cause severe damage to human blood and kidneys, as well as central and peripheral nervous systems.