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  • Warranty. 24 Months Warranty


<span style="font-weight: 400;">DS200FCGDH1B, a gate distribution and status card (FCGD), is developed by GE for their Mark V series. DS200FCGDH1B can be installed in various GE brand drives!</span> \n \n<span style="font-weight: 400;">DS200FCGDH1B acts as an interface system for the six pulse, phase controlled non-reversing bridge when installed. DS200FCGDH1B is relayed information from the digital signal processing card (DSPC) to solve. Signals concerning diagnostic information and system feedbacks are produced because of this. Feedbacks are then sent out using the drive?s integrated VME backplane.</span> \n \n<span style="font-weight: 400;">DS200FCGDH1B is able to collect large amounts of data from the drive?s integrated DSPC. Signals received by DS200FCGDH1B are rendered into cell gating signals. Every system bridge legs receive these cell gating signals and return multiplexed cell status information to DS200FCGDH1B.</span> \n \n<span style="font-weight: 400;">Three FGPA boards send feedback signals through fiber optic connections on DS200FCGDH1B. Frequency, voltage and board status information are included in this feedback. An integrated IMOK LED status indicator supplies users with basic system status.</span> \n \n<span style="font-weight: 400;">To minimize risk of device malfunction or error, manufacturer provided installation parameters for DS200FCGDH1B should be met. Board function depends on correct wiring! A guide on how to wire and install DS200FCGDH1B is available in the device?s manual.</span>
  • Model No. DS200FCGDH1B
GE - DS200FCGDH1B Repair Lead Time:-
  • Standard Repair: 5-10 Business Days

ICC’s large inventory investment includes DS200FCGDH1B. ICC’s highly skilled technicians have the training and expertise to repair DS200FCGDH1B. In addition, our DS200FCGDH1B repairs come with a warranty. Please fill out our Request a Quote form with DS200FCGDH1B in the Subject Line, and/or include DS200FCGDH1B in the Message, for additional information about ICC’s DS200FCGDH1B. A ICC Business Development Leader will assist you with your DS200FCGDH1B needs shortly!


Purchasing a remanufactured GE DS200FCGDH1B offers substantial savings over new/unused with the functionality and reliability to match. Our assurance in remanufactured products allows ICC to offer 24 Months Warranty.


Exchange is the combination of quick supply with applied discount against your old faulty card. Send us your old GE DS200FCGDH1B and we will replace (exchange) with a remanufactured spare, supplied with 24 Months Warranty

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