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CPU Repair


When the motherboard goes down, your computer goes down since the CPU or the motherboard is the brain of your PC. A properly functioning processor is a critical part of every gaming PC. The general practice in case of any difficulty is to reboot it, but it is not the solution to many inherent problems that arise, and ignoring them can damage your computer to a level where you might just have to scrap it. Ensuring that you need not go through that ire, we offer expert CPU repair services with guaranteed enhanced performance.

A Few Of The Installed Functional Test Systems At ICC Service Center

Woodward Netcon 5000
woodward logo
  • Woodward Netcon 5000
  • woodward Micronet
siemens S7 200/300/400
siemens logo
  • S7 200/300/400
  • S5
  • TXP(T2000)
  • Simadyn
  • FUM
ABB Advant 110/160/410
ABB logo
  • Advant 110/160/410
  • Bailey lnfi 90/Harmony